Motto Sternsinger 2020

On the 4th of June, 1978 the Kolpingsfamily Wattenscheid-Westenfeld founded to 61 Kolpingsisters and Kolpingbrothers.
Of the first chairpersons was Norbert Jost, and Pfr. Father Martin Wasser was our first Präses.
Since the foundation a sheet of information publishes our Kolpingsfamilie regularly. About ten times a year we publish a newsletter. In the meantime, all issues were bound three times as a book.
An issue can be seen in the town archive Bochum under the identity number ZK 143.
The others, in the meantime, 9 volumes, are in the glass cabinet at the parochial home Saint Nikolaus and with the honourary chairperson Norbert Jost.

Association data

Name: Kolpingsfamilie Wattenscheid-Westenfeld 
Address: 44867 Wattenscheid, Lohackerstrasse 7
Phone: (02327) 31275
E-mail: kolping (At)
Foundation date: 4th of June, 1978
Members (31.12.2013): 254
Legal form: not incorporated society
non-profit-making character: yes
District: Wattenscheid
Diözesanverband: Essen

- Kindergarden

- family centre North Rhine-Westphalia

- Saint Nikolaus Wattenscheid-Westenfeld

    - Maltese auxiliary service Cologne since 1980
    - Campaign "for-the-life" in the diocese Essen since 1985
    - "Life-help" Wattenscheid since 1989
    - Home association and civil association Wattenscheid since 2005

    - Mission work of Sr. Desideria in Nyangoa/Tanzania
    - P.Dr. Herman Y. May for the work of Kolping on Sumba and Osttimor
    - Philatelic action of the South America mission of the Redemptoristics Munich-Unterreit
    - Corks for the epilepsy centre Kehl-Kork
    - First-aid boxes and glasses for society "Bochum-Donezk"
    - Initiative "research and therapy for SMA"
    - Cooperation in ""one-world-store" Wattenscheid
    - Wattenscheider board


Member's contributions per month (state 01.01.2014)

Age group Children and youngsters live in the parental home

Parents are  a  member  - no member
till 13 years       freely        1.00€
14 - 17 years     1.00€       1.50€
18 - 22 years     1.50€       2.80€
Month contribution for:
Single member with own flat 3.60€      
Married couple                     5.45€